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autophagy +     
autophagy of mitochondrion +   
autophagy of peroxisome +   
chaperone-mediated autophagy +   
The autophagy process which begins when chaperones and co-chaperones recognize a target motif and unfold the substrate protein. The proteins are then transported to the lysosome where they are degraded.
epidermal growth factor catabolic process  
glycoprotein catabolic process +   
hemoglobin catabolic process 
histone catabolic process 
insulin catabolic process  
lipoprotein catabolic process +   
low-density lipoprotein particle receptor catabolic process +   
macroautophagy +   
microautophagy +   
mitochondrial protein catabolic process  
negative regulation of autophagy +   
negative regulation of protein catabolic process +   
positive regulation of autophagy +   
positive regulation of protein catabolic process +   
prosthetic group catabolic process 
proteasomal protein catabolic process +   
protein catabolic process at synapse +   
protein catabolic process in the vacuole +   
protein denaturation 
protein targeting to vacuole involved in autophagy +   
proteolysis involved in protein catabolic process +   
PSII associated light-harvesting complex II catabolic process +  
regulation of autophagy +   
regulation of protein catabolic process +   
rhodopsin catabolic process 
symbiont-mediated perturbation of host autophagy +  
symbiont-mediated suppression of host autophagy 

Exact Synonyms: CASA ;   chaperone-assisted selective autophagy
Related Synonyms: CMA
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Chaperone-mediated_autophagy
Definition Sources: GOC:pad, GOC:PARL, PMID:22743996, PMID:23434281

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