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cranial ganglion maturation (GO:0061558)
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abducens nerve maturation 
accessory nerve maturation 
cranial ganglion maturation +  
A developmental process, independent of morphogenetic (shape) change, that is required for a cranial ganglion to attain its fully functional state.
cranial ganglion morphogenesis +  
facial nerve maturation 
facioacoustic ganglion development +   
glossopharyngeal nerve maturation 
hypoglossal nerve maturation 
lateral line ganglion development +  
oculomotor nerve maturation 
olfactory nerve maturation  
optic nerve maturation 
trigeminal ganglion development +   
trigeminal nerve maturation +  
trochlear nerve maturation 
vagus nerve maturation 
vestibulocochlear nerve maturation 

Related Synonyms: cranial ganglia maturation
Definition Sources: GOC:dph

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