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mammary gland cord formation (GO:0060616)
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anterior midgut invagination 
anterior neuropore closure +   
branching involved in mammary gland cord morphogenesis +  
dorsal closure +  
embryonic anterior midgut (ectodermal) morphogenesis 
embryonic epithelial tube formation +   
endothelial tube formation 
epithelial cell differentiation involved in mammary gland cord morphogenesis 
establishment or maintenance of polarity of embryonic epithelium +   
Malpighian tubule bud morphogenesis 
mammary gland bud formation +   
mammary gland cord elongation +  
mammary gland cord formation 
The process in which the mammary gland cord forms by elongation of the mammary bud. The cord is formed once the elongating bud breaks through the mesenchyme and reaches the fat pad.
metanephric tubule formation +   
negative regulation of epithelial tube formation 
nephric duct formation +   
neural fold formation +   
neural plate morphogenesis +   
neuropore closure +   
optic cup morphogenesis involved in camera-type eye development +   
otic vesicle formation +   
pancreatic bud formation +  
positive regulation of epithelial tube formation +   
posterior neuropore closure 
primary lung bud formation +   
progression of neural tube closure 
prostatic bud formation +   
regulation of epithelial tube formation +   

Exact Synonyms: mammary gland sprout formation
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, PMID:12558599

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