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cell fate commitment involved in pattern specification (GO:0060581)
Annotations: Rat: (12) Mouse: (12) Human: (12) Chinchilla: (11) Bonobo: (12) Dog: (12) Squirrel: (11) Pig: (12)
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apical cell fate commitment 
asymmetric neuroblast division +   
axis specification +   
B cell lineage commitment +   
cardiac cell fate commitment +   
cell fate commitment involved in formation of primary germ layer +   
cell fate commitment involved in pattern specification +   
The commitment of cells to specific cell fates and their capacity to differentiate into particular kinds of cells within a field of cells that will exhibit a certain pattern of differentiation. Positional information is established through protein signals that emanate from a localized source within a developmental field resulting in specification of a cell type. Those signals are then interpreted in a cell-autonomous manner resulting in the determination of the cell type.
cell fate determination +   
cell fate specification +   
cell-cell signaling involved in cell fate commitment +   
compound eye cone cell fate commitment +  
DCT cell fate commitment +  
determination of imaginal disc primordium +  
embryonic pattern specification +   
eosinophil fate commitment +   
epithelial cell fate commitment +   
glial cell fate commitment +   
guard cell fate commitment 
head segmentation +  
hypothalamus gonadotrophin-releasing hormone neuron fate commitment 
imaginal disc lineage restriction +  
inner cell mass cell fate commitment  
internode patterning 
intracellular mRNA localization involved in pattern specification process +  
juxtaglomerulus cell fate commitment +  
lens fiber cell fate commitment 
lung pattern specification process +   
maintenance of left/right asymmetry +  
mating type determination +   
mesangial cell fate commitment +  
mesenchymal cell fate commitment 
muscle cell fate commitment +   
myoblast fate commitment +   
negative regulation of cell fate commitment +   
neural plate pattern specification +   
neuroblast fate commitment +   
neuron fate commitment +   
ommatidial rotation 
oocyte fate commitment 
osteoblast fate commitment  
pancreatic E cell fate commitment 
pattern specification involved in kidney development +   
positive regulation of cell fate commitment +   
pro-T cell lineage commitment 
proximal convoluted tubule segment 1 cell fate commitment 
regionalization +   
regulation of cell fate commitment +   
regulation of R8 cell spacing in compound eye +  
renal interstitial fibroblast fate commitment +  
renal system pattern specification +   
seed trichome initiation 
segment specification +   
skeletal muscle satellite cell commitment +   
specification of axis polarity +   
specification of symmetry +   
stem cell fate commitment +   
T cell lineage commitment +   
trophectodermal cell fate commitment  
vulval cell fate commitment +  

Definition Sources: GOC:dph

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