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anatomical structure homeostasis (GO:0060249)
Annotations: Rat: (354) Mouse: (347) Human: (381) Chinchilla: (300) Bonobo: (316) Dog: (322) Squirrel: (303) Pig: (329)
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anatomical structure homeostasis +   
A homeostatic process involved in the maintenance of an internal steady state within a defined anatomical structure of an organism, including control of cellular proliferation and death and control of metabolic function. An anatomical structure is any biological entity that occupies space and is distinguished from its surroundings. Anatomical structures can be macroscopic such as a carpel, or microscopic such as an acrosome.
B cell homeostatic proliferation  
cellular homeostasis +   
chemical homeostasis +   
homeostasis of number of cells +   
multicellular organismal homeostasis +   
regulation of liquid surface tension +   

Exact Synonyms: anatomical structure maintenance
Definition Sources: GOC:dph

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