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anatomical structure maturation +   
autonomic nervous system development +   
branching morphogenesis of a nerve +   
central nervous system development +   
chitin-based cuticle sclerotization +  
determination of left/right asymmetry in nervous system +   
ensheathment of neurons +   
establishment of synaptic specificity at neuromuscular junction  
ganglion development +   
maintenance of synapse structure +   
modification of synaptic structure +   
multiple spine synapse organization +   
negative regulation of nervous system development +   
negative regulation of synapse organization +   
nerve development +   
neural tube development +   
neurogenesis +   
neuromuscular junction development +   
neurotransmitter-gated ion channel clustering +   
notochord formation  
peripheral nervous system development +   
pigment granule maturation +   
pollen maturation 
positive regulation of nervous system development +   
postsynapse organization +   
prechordal plate formation  
presynapse organization +   
presynaptic active zone organization +   
presynaptic membrane organization +   
regulation of nervous system development +   
regulation of synapse organization +   
secretory granule maturation +   
stomatogastric nervous system development 
synapse assembly +   
synapse maturation +   
The process that organizes a synapse so that it attains its fully functional state. Synaptic maturation plays a critical role in the establishment of effective synaptic connections in early development.
synapse pruning +   
synaptic membrane adhesion +   
synaptic membrane adhesion to extracellular matrix  
synaptic vesicle maturation +   

Exact Synonyms: synaptic maturation
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:ef

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