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angiogenesis involved in wound healing (GO:0060055)
Annotations: Rat: (31) Mouse: (32) Human: (35) Chinchilla: (26) Bonobo: (27) Dog: (32) Squirrel: (27) Pig: (29)
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angiogenesis +     
wound healing +     
angiogenesis involved in coronary vascular morphogenesis +   
angiogenesis involved in wound healing +   
Blood vessel formation when new vessels emerge from the proliferation of pre-existing blood vessels and contribute to the series of events that restore integrity to a damaged tissue, following an injury.
blood coagulation +   
branching involved in blood vessel morphogenesis +   
callus formation 
epiboly involved in wound healing +   
glomerular capillary formation +   
hemolymph coagulation 
intussusceptive angiogenesis +   
negative regulation of angiogenesis +   
negative regulation of wound healing +   
plasma membrane repair +   
positive regulation of angiogenesis +   
positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation involved in wound healing  
positive regulation of wound healing +   
regulation of angiogenesis +   
regulation of wound healing +   
scab formation 
sprouting angiogenesis +   
wound healing involved in inflammatory response +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dph, PMID:15039218

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