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periplasmic flagellum (GO:0055040)
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bacterial-type flagellum basal body +  
bacterial-type flagellum filament +  
bacterial-type flagellum hook 
bacterial-type flagellum hook-filament junction 
cell wall-bounded periplasmic space 
outer membrane-bounded periplasmic space 
periplasmic flagellum 
Flagellar filaments located in the periplasmic space; characterized in spirochetes, in which they are essential for shape and motility. Composed of a core surrounded by two sheath layers, the flagella rotate to allow migration of the cell through viscous media, which would not be possible using external flagella.
septal periplasm 

Definition Sources: GOC:jid, GOC:rph, PMID:15175283, PMID:1624463

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