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actin cortical patch assembly +   
actin filament bundle assembly +   
actomyosin contractile ring assembly actin filament organization +   
actomyosin contractile ring organization +   
anastral spindle assembly +   
assembly of actomyosin apparatus involved in cytokinesis +   
attachment of spindle microtubules to kinetochore +   
axonemal basal plate assembly 
axonemal central apparatus assembly  
axonemal outer doublet assembly 
axoneme assembly +   
bilobe structure assembly 
brush border assembly +   
Casparian strip assembly 
cell cycle DNA replication +   
cell cycle DNA replication DNA ligation +  
cell cycle DNA replication DNA unwinding +  
cell cycle DNA replication initiation +   
cell cycle DNA replication maintenance of fidelity +   
cell cycle DNA replication termination +   
cell cycle phase transition +   
cell cycle switching +   
cell junction assembly +   
cell plate assembly +  
cell projection assembly +   
cell septum assembly +   
cell wall assembly +  
cellular component assembly involved in morphogenesis +   
centriole elongation +   
centriole replication +   
centriole-centriole cohesion +   
centromere separation +  
centrosome cycle +   
centrosome duplication +   
centrosome separation +   
chiasma assembly  
chromosome attachment to the nuclear envelope +   
chromosome movement towards spindle pole +   
chromosome segregation +   
chromosome separation +   
ciliary pro-basal body maturation 
ciliary transition zone assembly  
cohesin loading +   
cytokinesis +   
cytokinetic process +   
DIM/DIP cell wall layer assembly 
DNA replication preinitiation complex assembly +   
DNA strand elongation involved in cell cycle DNA replication +   
double membrane vesicle viral factory assembly 
eisosome assembly 
endoplasmic reticulum cisternal network assembly 
endoplasmic reticulum tubular network formation  
equatorial microtubule organizing center assembly 
establishment of sister chromatid cohesion +   
exosporium assembly 
extracellular matrix assembly +   
formation of extrachromosomal circular DNA +   
G0 to G1 transition +   
G1 to G0 transition +   
Golgi reassembly +   
granum assembly 
hyaluranon cable assembly +   
inclusion body assembly +   
intermediate filament bundle assembly +   
interphase microtubule organizing center assembly 
intranuclear rod assembly 
lateral element assembly  
linear element assembly +  
maintenance of protein location to spindle pole body 
maintenance of sister chromatid cohesion +   
manchette assembly  
MCM complex loading 
medial membrane band assembly 
meiotic attachment of telomeric heterochromatin to spindle pole body 
meiotic cell cycle process +   
meiotic spindle assembly +   
membrane assembly +   
metallo-sulfur cluster assembly +   
microfibril assembly  
microtubule anchoring at spindle pole body +  
microtubule cytoskeleton organization +   
microtubule organizing center organization +   
microtubule-based movement +   
microtubule-based peroxisome localization  
microtubule-based protein transport +   
mitotic cell cycle process +   
mitotic spindle assembly +   
mycolate cell wall layer assembly 
negative regulation of cell cycle process +   
negative regulation of spindle assembly +  
neutrophic extracellular trap formation 
nuclear dicing body assembly 
nucleus-vacuole junction assembly 
oocyte microtubule cytoskeleton polarization 
organelle assembly +   
pole plasm assembly +   
positive regulation of cell cycle process +   
positive regulation of spindle assembly +   
postsynapse assembly +   
pre-replicative complex assembly involved in cell cycle DNA replication +  
preprophase band assembly 
presynapse assembly +   
presynaptic active zone assembly +   
protein aggregate center assembly  
protein localization to cell division site involved in cytokinesis, actomyosin contractile ring assembly +  
protein-containing complex assembly +   
re-entry into mitotic cell cycle +   
regulation of cell cycle process +   
regulation of microtubule-based process +   
regulation of spindle assembly +   
regulation of syncytial blastoderm mitotic cell cycle +  
repair of kinetochore microtubule attachment defect +  
signal transduction involved in cell cycle switching, mitotic to meiotic cell cycle 
sister chromatid cohesion +   
sperm mitochondrial sheath assembly  
spindle elongation +   
spindle localization +   
spindle midzone assembly +   
The cell cycle process in which aggregation, arrangement and bonding together of a set of components to form the spindle midzone. The spindle midzone is the area in the center of the spindle where the spindle microtubules from opposite poles overlap.
spindle organization +   
spindle pole body duplication +  
spindle pole body organization +  
spindle pole body separation +  
synaptonemal complex assembly +   
synthesis of RNA primer involved in cell cycle DNA replication +  
telomere assembly +   
telomere maintenance via semi-conservative replication +   
viral procapsid maturation 

Exact Synonyms: spindle midzone biogenesis ;   spindle midzone biosynthesis ;   spindle midzone formation
Definition Sources: GOC:ai, PMID:15296749

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