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negative regulation of multicellular organismal process (GO:0051241)
Annotations: Rat: (1353) Mouse: (1437) Human: (1477) Chinchilla: (1124) Bonobo: (1199) Dog: (1337) Squirrel: (1153) Pig: (1297)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acquisition of seed longevity 
amyloid-beta clearance +   
behavior +   
bud dormancy process 
callus formation 
cell activation +   
circadian regulation of heart rate +  
coagulation +   
cytokine production +   
determination of adult lifespan  
digestion +   
innervation +   
keratinization +   
megagametogenesis +  
meristem determinacy +  
meristem maintenance +  
microgametogenesis +  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary maturation during brain development  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary maturation during neural plate development 
molting cycle +   
molting cycle process +   
morphogenesis of a branching structure +   
multi-multicellular organism process +   
multicellular organism adhesion +  
multicellular organism development +   
multicellular organism growth +   
multicellular organism reproduction +   
multicellular organismal movement +   
multicellular organismal response to stress +   
multicellular organismal-level homeostasis +   
muscle attachment +   
negative regulation of 3'-UTR-mediated mRNA stabilization  
negative regulation of action potential +   
negative regulation of adhesion of symbiont to host epithelial cell 
negative regulation of asexual reproduction +  
negative regulation of cardiac conduction  
negative regulation of cellular pH reduction +   
negative regulation of cellular process +   
negative regulation of circadian rhythm +   
negative regulation of cohesin unloading 
negative regulation of conjugation with cellular fusion +  
negative regulation of developmental pigmentation +   
negative regulation of developmental process +   
negative regulation of entry of bacterium into host cell  
negative regulation of establishment of protein localization +   
negative regulation of establishment of protein-containing complex localization to telomere  
negative regulation of establishment of RNA localization to telomere  
negative regulation of excitatory postsynaptic potential +   
negative regulation of fibrinolysis  
negative regulation of formation of structure involved in a symbiotic process +  
negative regulation of gene silencing by RNA +   
negative regulation of growth +   
negative regulation of GTPase activity  
negative regulation of hemostasis +   
negative regulation of immune system process +   
negative regulation of interphase mitotic telomere clustering 
negative regulation of kainate selective glutamate receptor signaling pathway 
negative regulation of lipid localization +   
negative regulation of locomotion +   
negative regulation of long-term synaptic depression  
negative regulation of long-term synaptic potentiation  
negative regulation of membrane depolarization +   
negative regulation of membrane hyperpolarization  
negative regulation of membrane repolarization during cardiac muscle cell action potential +   
negative regulation of metabolic process +   
negative regulation of mitotic telomere tethering at nuclear periphery 
negative regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
Any process that stops, prevents, or reduces the frequency, rate or extent of an organismal process, the processes pertinent to the function of an organism above the cellular level; includes the integrated processes of tissues and organs.
negative regulation of post-transcriptional gene silencing +   
negative regulation of receptor localization to synapse  
negative regulation of receptor-mediated virion attachment to host cell 
negative regulation of reproductive process +   
negative regulation of response to stimulus +   
negative regulation of short-term synaptic potentiation  
negative regulation of signaling +   
negative regulation of telomerase RNA localization to Cajal body 
negative regulation of transport +   
negative regulation of viral process +   
neurotrophin production +   
organ growth +   
organism emergence from protective structure +   
ossification +   
otolith tethering 
pattern specification process +   
photoreceptor cell maintenance  
pigment accumulation in tissues +   
plasma lipoprotein particle clearance +   
plasma lipoprotein particle organization +   
pollen germination 
polyphenic determination +  
positive regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
post-embryonic development +   
primary growth 
production of molecular mediator involved in inflammatory response +   
pseudocleavage +  
pupariation +  
regulation of adaxial/abaxial pattern formation  
regulation of amyloid-beta clearance +   
regulation of behavior +   
regulation of cell activation +   
regulation of chylomicron remodeling +   
regulation of coagulation +   
regulation of cold-induced thermogenesis +   
regulation of cytokine production +   
regulation of determination of dorsal identity +   
regulation of embryonic pattern specification +  
regulation of epithelial cell migration +   
regulation of epithelial cell-cell adhesion involved in epithelium migration +  
regulation of fear response +   
regulation of fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane +   
regulation of germ cell proliferation +   
regulation of hair cycle +   
regulation of hair follicle maturation +   
regulation of heart induction +   
regulation of heat dissipation +  
regulation of heat generation +   
regulation of hemocyte differentiation +  
regulation of hemocyte proliferation +  
regulation of high-density lipoprotein particle assembly +   
regulation of histamine secretion by mast cell +   
regulation of imaginal disc-derived wing vein specification +  
regulation of leukotriene production involved in inflammatory response +   
regulation of lipoprotein particle clearance +   
regulation of male germ-line stem cell asymmetric division +   
regulation of maternal process involved in parturition +   
regulation of morphogenesis of a branching structure +   
regulation of mucus secretion +   
regulation of multicellular organism growth +   
regulation of multicellular organismal development +   
regulation of multicellular organismal process +   
regulation of neurotrophin production +   
regulation of oogenesis +   
regulation of organ growth +   
regulation of ossification +   
regulation of ovulation +   
regulation of penile erection +   
regulation of plasma lipoprotein oxidation +   
regulation of pollen tube growth 
regulation of radial pattern formation 
regulation of respiratory burst involved in inflammatory response +   
regulation of respiratory gaseous exchange +   
regulation of salivary gland boundary specification +  
regulation of somitogenesis  
regulation of sperm capacitation +   
regulation of spermatid nuclear differentiation +  
regulation of stem cell population maintenance +   
regulation of stomatal complex patterning 
regulation of system process +   
regulation of tissue remodeling +   
regulation of transcytosis +   
regulation of trichome patterning +  
regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodeling +   
regulation of vitellogenesis +  
respiratory gaseous exchange by respiratory system +   
response to dietary excess +   
response to high population density 
scab formation 
secretion by tissue +   
seed dormancy process +  
seed germination +  
sleep +   
stem cell population maintenance +   
system process +   
tissue migration +   
tissue remodeling +   
transcytosis +   
vibrational conductance of sound to the inner ear 

Exact Synonyms: down regulation of multicellular organismal process ;   downregulation of multicellular organismal process
Narrow Synonyms: inhibition of multicellular organismal process
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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