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binding +     
amide binding +   
amine binding +   
amino acid binding +   
antigen binding +   
carbohydrate binding +   
carbohydrate derivative binding +   
cellulosome binding 
extracellular matrix binding +   
Binding to a component of the extracellular matrix.
flavonoid binding +   
hormone binding +   
host cell surface binding +   
intermediate filament binding +   
kinetochore binding  
lipid binding +   
modified amino acid binding +   
odorant binding +   
organic cyclic compound binding +   
peptide binding +   
pigment binding +  
prosthetic group binding +   
protein binding +   
protein-containing complex binding +   
small molecule binding +   
sulfur compound binding +   
synthetic cannabinoid binding 
toxic substance binding  

Exact Synonyms: extracellular matrix constituent binding
Related Synonyms: adhesive extracellular matrix constituent
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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