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tryptophan alpha,beta-oxidase activity (GO:0050621)
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acyl-CoA oxidase activity +   
beta,beta-carotene-9',10'-dioxygenase activity 
bilirubin oxidase activity 
coproporphyrinogen oxidase activity  
dihydrouracil oxidase activity 
L-galactonolactone oxidase activity 
oxygen-dependent protoporphyrinogen oxidase activity  
pyrroloquinoline-quinone synthase activity 
secologanin synthase activity 
tetrahydroberberine oxidase activity 
tryptophan alpha,beta-oxidase activity 
Catalysis of the reaction: L-tryptophan + O2 = alpha,beta-didehydrotryptophan + H2O2 + H+.

Exact Synonyms: tryptophan a,b-oxidase activity
Related Synonyms: L-tryptophan 2',3'-oxidase activity ;   L-tryptophan alpha,beta-dehydrogenase activity ;   L-tryptophan:oxygen alpha,beta-oxidoreductase activity
Xrefs: EC: ;   KEGG_REACTION:R05317 ;   MetaCyc: ;   RHEA:19901
Definition Sources: EC:, RHEA:19901

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