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animal organ formation +   
bone morphogenesis +   
brain morphogenesis +   
The process in which the anatomical structures of the brain are generated and organized. The brain is one of the two components of the central nervous system and is the center of thought and emotion. It is responsible for the coordination and control of bodily activities and the interpretation of information from the senses (sight, hearing, smell, etc.).
brain segmentation  
bronchus morphogenesis +   
cartilage morphogenesis +   
central complex development 
chaeta morphogenesis +  
embryonic organ morphogenesis +   
establishment of animal organ orientation  
forebrain development +   
genitalia morphogenesis +   
gland morphogenesis +   
gonad morphogenesis +   
heart morphogenesis +   
hindbrain development +   
imaginal disc morphogenesis +  
kidney morphogenesis +   
larynx morphogenesis  
lung morphogenesis +   
mesenchyme morphogenesis +   
midbrain development +   
midbrain-hindbrain boundary development +   
muscle organ morphogenesis +   
mushroom body development 
negative regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
nematode pharynx morphogenesis +  
odontogenesis +   
oviduct morphogenesis 
pancreas morphogenesis +   
positive regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
proboscis morphogenesis +  
regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
sensory organ morphogenesis +   
skeletal system morphogenesis +   
skin morphogenesis  
specification of animal organ axis polarity 
specification of animal organ position  
spermathecum morphogenesis 
swim bladder morphogenesis +  
trabecula formation +   
trachea morphogenesis +   
trigeminal sensory nucleus development +   
ureter morphogenesis +   
uterus morphogenesis  
ventricular system development +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dgh, GOC:jid

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