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erythrophore differentiation (GO:0048773)
Annotations: Rat: (1) Mouse: (1) Human: (1) Chinchilla: (1) Bonobo: (1) Dog: (1) Squirrel: (1) Pig: (1)
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compound eye pigment cell differentiation 
cyanophore differentiation +  
erythrophore differentiation +   
The process in which a relatively unspecialized cell acquires the specialized features of an erythrophore cell. Erythrophores are pigment cells derived from the neural crest. They contain pteridine and/or carotenoid pigments in structures called pterinosomes or erythrosomes. This gives them an orange to red appearance.
iridophore differentiation +  
leucophore differentiation +  
melanocyte differentiation +   
negative regulation of pigment cell differentiation +  
pigment cell development  
pigment granule maturation +   
positive regulation of pigment cell differentiation +   
regulation of pigment cell differentiation +   
xanthophore differentiation +  

Exact Synonyms: erythrophore cell differentiation
Definition Sources: GOC:jid, GOC:mh

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