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embryonic skeletal system development (GO:0048706)
Annotations: Rat: (145) Mouse: (149) Human: (148) Chinchilla: (137) Bonobo: (144) Dog: (147) Squirrel: (140) Pig: (146)
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bone development +   
cartilage development +   
embryonic skeletal system development +   
The process, occurring during the embryonic phase, whose specific outcome is the progression of the skeleton over time, from its formation to the mature structure.
in utero embryonic development +   
neural crest formation +   
neural plate development +   
neural tube development +   
pharyngeal system development +   
skeletal system morphogenesis +   
somitogenesis +   

Exact Synonyms: embryonic skeletal development
Definition Sources: GOC:dph, GOC:dsf, GOC:jid, GOC:tb, PMID:16049113

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