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growth +     
abscission +   
acquisition of mycelium reproductive competence 
age-related resistance +  
anatomical structure arrangement +   
anatomical structure development +   
anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis +   
anatomical structure morphogenesis +   
anatomical structure regression +   
budding cell bud growth +  
cell growth +   
cellular developmental process +   
dedifferentiation +   
developmental growth +   
The increase in size or mass of an entire organism, a part of an organism or a cell, where the increase in size or mass has the specific outcome of the progression of the organism over time from one condition to another.
developmental induction +   
developmental maturation +   
developmental process involved in reproduction +   
dormancy process +   
filamentous growth +   
lateral growth +  
maintenance of cell number +   
meristem initiation +  
myxococcal fruiting body development 
negative regulation of developmental process +   
negative regulation of growth +   
plant organ senescence +  
positive regulation of developmental process +   
positive regulation of growth +   
primary growth 
regulation of developmental process +   
regulation of growth +   
sporulation +  

Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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