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animal organ formation +   
auditory receptor cell morphogenesis +   
bone morphogenesis +   
brain morphogenesis +   
branching involved in labyrinthine layer morphogenesis +   
bronchus morphogenesis +   
cartilage morphogenesis +   
cell morphogenesis involved in semicircular canal fusion 
chaeta morphogenesis +  
clearance of cells from fusion plate +  
cochlea morphogenesis  
convergent extension involved in gastrulation +   
cotyledon morphogenesis +  
dorsal closure, amnioserosa morphology change 
dorsal closure, elongation of leading edge cells 
embryo sac morphogenesis 
embryonic appendage morphogenesis +   
embryonic body morphogenesis +   
embryonic brain development  
embryonic camera-type eye development +   
embryonic digestive tract development +   
embryonic digit morphogenesis +   
embryonic ectodermal digestive tract morphogenesis +   
embryonic foregut morphogenesis  
embryonic heart tube development +   
embryonic heart tube morphogenesis +   
embryonic hemopoiesis +   
embryonic hindgut morphogenesis +   
embryonic liver development  
embryonic lung development  
embryonic nail plate morphogenesis  
embryonic neurocranium morphogenesis  
embryonic organ morphogenesis +   
Morphogenesis, during the embryonic phase, of a tissue or tissues that work together to perform a specific function or functions. Morphogenesis is the process in which anatomical structures are generated and organized. Organs are commonly observed as visibly distinct structures, but may also exist as loosely associated clusters of cells that work together to perform a specific function or functions.
embryonic placenta development +   
embryonic placenta morphogenesis +   
embryonic retina morphogenesis in camera-type eye  
embryonic root morphogenesis 
embryonic shoot morphogenesis 
embryonic viscerocranium morphogenesis  
epiboly involved in gastrulation with mouth forming second +   
epithelial cell morphogenesis involved in placental branching  
establishment of animal organ orientation  
establishment of planar polarity involved in neural tube closure +   
floor plate morphogenesis +   
gastrulation +   
genitalia morphogenesis +   
germ-band extension 
germ-band shortening 
gland morphogenesis +   
gonad morphogenesis +   
head involution 
heart morphogenesis +   
heart rudiment morphogenesis +  
hypochord development 
initiation of dorsal closure +  
initiation of neural tube closure  
inner cell mass cellular morphogenesis  
inner ear morphogenesis +   
invagination involved in gastrulation with mouth forming second 
involution involved in gastrulation with mouth forming second 
kidney morphogenesis +   
labyrinthine layer blood vessel development  
labyrinthine layer morphogenesis +   
larynx morphogenesis  
lens placode formation +   
lung morphogenesis +   
Malpighian tubule morphogenesis +  
mesenchyme morphogenesis +   
mesodermal to mesenchymal transition involved in gastrulation +   
midbrain-hindbrain boundary morphogenesis +   
middle ear morphogenesis  
morphogenesis of an epithelial fold involved in embryonic heart tube formation +  
morphogenesis of embryonic epithelium +   
muscle organ morphogenesis +   
negative regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
neural fold bending +   
neural fold folding 
neural plate elongation +   
neural plate thickening 
notochord development +   
odontogenesis +   
olfactory placode morphogenesis +   
optic vesicle morphogenesis +   
otolith morphogenesis +   
outer ear morphogenesis +   
oviduct morphogenesis 
pancreas morphogenesis +   
pericardium morphogenesis +   
positive regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
post-embryonic animal organ morphogenesis +   
posterior midgut invagination 
pouch outgrowth involved in semicircular canal formation 
proboscis morphogenesis +  
regulation of animal organ morphogenesis +   
semicircular canal morphogenesis +   
sensory organ morphogenesis +   
skeletal system morphogenesis +   
skin morphogenesis  
specification of animal organ axis polarity 
specification of animal organ position  
spermathecum morphogenesis 
suture of dorsal opening 
swim bladder morphogenesis +  
trabecula formation +   
trachea morphogenesis +   
trophectodermal cellular morphogenesis  
ureter morphogenesis +   
uterus morphogenesis  
vestibular receptor cell morphogenesis +   
zygote elongation 

Definition Sources: GOC:jid

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