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acquisition of plant reproductive competence 
baculum development  
cervix development  
epididymis development  
fruit development +  
fruit morphogenesis 
fruit replum development 
fruit ripening +  
fruit septum development 
fruit valve development 
fungal sorus development 
genitalia development +   
gonad development +   
gonadal mesoderm development  
instar larval or pupal development +  
labyrinthine layer blood vessel development  
labyrinthine layer development +   
larval development +  
lateral root formation 
negative regulation of post-embryonic development +  
ovarian follicle development +   
oviduct development +   
oviduct epithelium development +   
photomorphogenesis +  
placenta development +   
plant-type ovary development +  
positive regulation of post-embryonic development +  
post-embryonic animal morphogenesis +   
post-embryonic camera-type eye development +   
post-embryonic hemopoiesis +   
post-embryonic plant organ development +  
prostate gland development +   
prostate glandular acinus development +   
regulation of post-embryonic development +  
reproductive shoot system development +  
seed development +  
The process whose specific outcome is the progression of the seed over time, from its formation to the mature structure. A seed is a propagating organ formed in the sexual reproductive cycle of gymnosperms and angiosperms, consisting of a protective coat enclosing an embryo and food reserves.
seedling development +  
seminal vesicle development +   
seminal vesicle epithelium development +   
seminiferous tubule development  
spongiotrophoblast layer development +   
spore-bearing structure development +  
stomatal complex development +  
uterine gland development  
uterus development +   
vegetative phase change +  
vegetative to reproductive phase transition of meristem +  

Definition Sources: GOC:jid, PO:0009010

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