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acetylcholine secretion +   
BMP secretion +  
dopamine secretion +   
epinephrine secretion +   
hormone secretion +   
negative regulation of catecholamine secretion +   
norepinephrine secretion +   
The regulated release of norepinephrine by a cell. Norepinephrine is a catecholamine and it acts as a hormone and as a neurotransmitter of most of the sympathetic nervous system.
norepinephrine uptake +   
positive regulation of catecholamine secretion +   
prostaglandin secretion +   
regulation of catecholamine secretion +   
renin secretion into blood stream +   
serotonin secretion +   
signal release from synapse +   
Wnt protein secretion +   

Exact Synonyms: noradrenaline secretion
Definition Sources: GOC:ef, GOC:jid

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