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gamma-delta T cell activation (GO:0046629)
Annotations: Rat: (23) Mouse: (22) Human: (24) Chinchilla: (18) Bonobo: (21) Dog: (20) Squirrel: (15) Pig: (22)
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T cell activation +     
alpha-beta T cell activation +   
establishment of T cell polarity +   
gamma-delta T cell activation +   
The change in morphology and behavior of a gamma-delta T cell resulting from exposure to a mitogen, cytokine, chemokine, cellular ligand, or an antigen for which it is specific.
memory T cell activation +   
negative regulation of T cell activation +   
positive regulation of T cell activation +   
regulation of T cell activation +   
T cell activation involved in immune response +   
T cell differentiation +   
T cell proliferation +   

Exact Synonyms: gamma-delta T lymphocyte activation
Definition Sources: GOC:add

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