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monosaccharide biosynthetic process (GO:0046364)
Annotations: Rat: (98) Mouse: (103) Human: (109) Chinchilla: (85) Bonobo: (89) Dog: (93) Squirrel: (91) Pig: (95)
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1,5-anhydro-D-fructose metabolic process +  
2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-gluconic acid metabolic process +  
alcohol biosynthetic process +   
cellular carbohydrate biosynthetic process +   
D-galacturonate metabolic process +  
D-glucarate biosynthetic process 
formaldehyde biosynthetic process  
hexose metabolic process +   
hypochlorous acid biosynthetic process  
keto-3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic acid metabolic process +  
ketone biosynthetic process +   
ketone body biosynthetic process +   
L-ascorbic acid metabolic process +   
monosaccharide biosynthetic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of monosaccharides, polyhydric alcohols containing either an aldehyde or a keto group and between three to ten or more carbon atoms.
monosaccharide catabolic process +   
nucleobase-containing small molecule biosynthetic process +   
oligosaccharide biosynthetic process +   
organic acid biosynthetic process +   
pentose metabolic process +   
photosynthesis, dark reaction +  
polysaccharide biosynthetic process +   
regulation of carbohydrate biosynthetic process +   
tetrose metabolic process +  
urate biosynthetic process  
vitamin biosynthetic process +   

Exact Synonyms: monosaccharide anabolism ;   monosaccharide biosynthesis ;   monosaccharide formation ;   monosaccharide synthesis
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198506732

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