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bacteriocin catabolic process (GO:0046225)
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bacteriocin biosynthetic process 
bacteriocin catabolic process 
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of a bacteriocin, any of a heterogeneous group of polypeptide antibiotics that are secreted by certain bacterial strains and are able to kill cells of other susceptible (frequently related) strains after adsorption at specific receptors on the cell surface. They include the colicins, and their mechanisms of action vary.
cellular detoxification of nitrogen compound  
gliotoxin catabolic process 
indole phytoalexin catabolic process 
insecticide catabolic process +  
mycotoxin catabolic process +   
phytoalexin catabolic process +  
sterigmatocystin catabolic process 

Exact Synonyms: bacteriocin breakdown ;   bacteriocin catabolism ;   bacteriocin degradation
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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