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(R)-2-hydroxy-alpha-linolenic acid biosynthetic process 
(R)-mevalonic acid biosynthetic process +   
(S)-reticuline biosynthetic process 
3-(3-hydroxy)phenylpropionate metabolic process +  
3-hydroxybenzyl alcohol metabolic process 
achromobactin biosynthetic process 
ajmaline biosynthetic process 
alcohol biosynthetic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of alcohols, any of a class of compounds containing one or more hydroxyl groups attached to a saturated carbon atom.
alcohol catabolic process +   
andrastin A biosynthetic process 
berbamunine biosynthetic process 
bile acid biosynthetic process +   
brexanolone biosynthetic process 
cyclopentanol metabolic process +  
ethanolamine-containing compound metabolic process +   
fatty alcohol metabolic process +   
flavonol biosynthetic process +  
fonsecin metabolic process +  
formaldehyde biosynthetic process  
fumigermin biosynthetic process 
glycyrrhetinate biosynthetic process 
hypochlorous acid biosynthetic process  
isopentenol biosynthetic process 
kaempferol O-glucoside biosynthetic process 
ketone biosynthetic process +   
ketone body biosynthetic process +   
lactate biosynthetic process +   
leucoanthocyanidin biosynthetic process 
leukotriene B4 biosynthetic process 
lipoxin A4 biosynthetic process  
lipoxin B4 biosynthetic process  
luteolin biosynthetic process 
mandelate biosynthetic process 
monensin A metabolic process +  
monosaccharide biosynthetic process +   
nucleobase-containing small molecule biosynthetic process +   
organic acid biosynthetic process +   
phenol-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
phytosteroid biosynthetic process +   
polyol metabolic process +   
polyprenol metabolic process +   
prenol metabolic process +  
primary alcohol metabolic process +   
pyridoxal biosynthetic process 
pyridoxal phosphate biosynthetic process +   
pyridoxine biosynthetic process  
quercetin biosynthetic process 
secondary alcohol metabolic process +   
sterol biosynthetic process +   
terrequinone A biosynthetic process +  
tertiary alcohol metabolic process +   
testosterone biosynthetic process +   
urate biosynthetic process  
vitamin biosynthetic process +   
vitamin D biosynthetic process +   
vitamin E biosynthetic process +   

Exact Synonyms: alcohol anabolism ;   alcohol biosynthesis ;   alcohol formation ;   alcohol synthesis
Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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