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mitotic cell cycle, embryonic (GO:0045448)
Annotations: Rat: (5) Mouse: (5) Human: (5) Chinchilla: (5) Bonobo: (5) Dog: (5) Squirrel: (5) Pig: (5)
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embryo development +     
mitotic cell cycle +     
abortive mitotic cell cycle  
cell cycle comprising mitosis without cytokinesis +   
changes to DNA methylation involved in embryo development +   
embryo development ending in birth or egg hatching +   
embryo development ending in seed dormancy +  
embryonic cleavage  
embryonic morphogenesis +   
embryonic organ development +   
embryonic pattern specification +   
endomitotic cell cycle  
mitotic cell cycle process +   
mitotic cell cycle, embryonic +   
The eukaryotic cell cycle in which a cell is duplicated without changing ploidy, occurring in the embryo.
mitotic cohesin unloading +  
negative regulation of embryonic development +   
negative regulation of mitotic cell cycle +   
positive regulation of embryonic development +   
positive regulation of mitotic cell cycle +   
pseudocleavage +  
regulation of embryonic development +   
regulation of mitotic cell cycle +   
second mitotic wave involved in compound eye morphogenesis 
somite development +   
syncytial embryo cellularization 

Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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