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establishment of protein localization (GO:0045184)
Annotations: Rat: (1696) Mouse: (1741) Human: (1872) Chinchilla: (1117) Bonobo: (1141) Dog: (1339) Squirrel: (1125) Pig: (1529)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
apical protein localization  
asymmetric protein localization involved in cell fate determination +   
basal protein localization  
cellular protein localization +   
establishment of localization in cell +   
establishment of organelle localization +   
establishment of protein localization +   
The directed movement of a protein to a specific location.
establishment of protein-containing complex localization to telomere +   
establishment of RNA localization +   
lipoprotein localization +   
maintenance of protein location +   
pole plasm protein localization 
protein import into peroxisome matrix, docking  
protein localization involved in auxin polar transport 
protein localization to axon +   
protein localization to cell junction +   
protein localization to cytosolic proteasome complex +   
protein localization to extracellular region +   
protein localization to microvillus +   
protein localization to perinuclear region of cytoplasm  
protein localization to somatodendritic compartment  
regulation of protein localization +   
transport +   

Exact Synonyms: establishment of protein localisation ;   protein positioning ;   protein recruitment
Definition Sources: GOC:bf

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