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protein import into peroxisome membrane (GO:0045046)
Annotations: Rat: (6) Mouse: (6) Human: (7) Chinchilla: (5) Bonobo: (7) Dog: (7) Squirrel: (6) Pig: (7)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cotranslational protein targeting to membrane +   
endocytic hemoglobin import into cell  
long-chain fatty acid import into peroxisome  
negative regulation of protein import +   
negative regulation of protein targeting to membrane +   
positive regulation of protein import +   
positive regulation of protein targeting to membrane +   
posttranslational protein targeting to endoplasmic reticulum membrane +   
protein import into chloroplast stroma +  
protein import into chloroplast thylakoid membrane 
protein import into nucleus +   
protein import into peroxisome matrix +   
protein import into peroxisome membrane  
The targeting of proteins into the peroxisomal membrane. The process is not well understood, but both signals and mechanism differ from those involved in peroxisomal matrix protein import.
protein insertion into mitochondrial outer membrane +   
protein targeting to vacuolar membrane +   
protein transmembrane import into intracellular organelle +   
regulation of protein import +   
regulation of protein targeting to membrane +   

Exact Synonyms: peroxisome membrane protein import ;   protein transport into peroxisome membrane
Definition Sources: ISBN:0716731363, PMID:11687502

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