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base J metabolic process 
base-excision repair, AP site formation via deaminated base removal  
dCDP catabolic process 
dCMP catabolic process 
dCTP catabolic process  
The disruption of the bond between the sugar in the backbone and the C or T base, causing the base to be removed and leaving a depyrimidinated sugar.
DNA ADP-ribosylation  
DNA alkylation +   
DNA dealkylation +   
DNA deamination +   
DNA methylation or demethylation +   
DNA restriction-modification system 
dTDP catabolic process 
dTMP catabolic process 
dTTP catabolic process  
dUDP catabolic process 
dUMP catabolic process  
dUTP catabolic process  

Definition Sources: GOC:ai

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