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cellular protein complex disassembly (GO:0043624)
Annotations: Rat: (162) Mouse: (150) Human: (247) Chinchilla: (104) Bonobo: (102) Dog: (151) Squirrel: (102) Pig: (147)
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autophagosome maturation +   
beta-catenin destruction complex disassembly  
cellular protein complex disassembly +   
The disaggregation of a protein complex into its constituent components, occurring at the level of an individual cell. Protein complexes may have other associated non-protein prosthetic groups, such as nucleic acids, metal ions or carbohydrate groups.
chaperone-mediated autophagy translocation complex disassembly  
ESCRT complex disassembly +   
exon-exon junction complex disassembly  
mitotic nuclear pore complex disassembly 
negative regulation of protein-containing complex disassembly +   
positive regulation of protein-containing complex disassembly +   
proteasome complex disassembly 
protein-carbohydrate complex disassembly 
protein-DNA complex disassembly +   
protein-DNA-RNA complex disassembly +  
protein-lipid complex disassembly +  
regulation of protein-containing complex disassembly +   
ribonucleoprotein complex disassembly +   
SCF complex disassembly in response to cadmium stress 
TORC2 complex disassembly 

Definition Sources: GOC:jl

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