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amphid sensory organ development +  
chaeta development +  
ear development +   
The process whose specific outcome is the progression of the ear over time, from its formation to the mature structure. The ear is the sense organ in vertebrates that is specialized for the detection of sound, and the maintenance of balance. Includes the outer ear and middle ear, which collect and transmit sound waves; and the inner ear, which contains the organs of balance and (except in fish) hearing. Also includes the pinna, the visible part of the outer ear, present in some mammals.
eye development +   
neuromast development +   
nose development +   
ocellus development +  
otic vesicle development +   
sensory organ boundary specification +   
sensory organ morphogenesis +   
sensory organ precursor cell division 
sex comb development 
taste bud development +   
tongue development +   

Exact Synonyms: hearing organ development
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, ISBN:0192801023

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