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mitochondrial DNA repair (GO:0043504)
Annotations: Rat: (8) Mouse: (6) Human: (7) Chinchilla: (6) Bonobo: (7) Dog: (7) Squirrel: (7) Pig: (7)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
base-excision repair +   
DNA dealkylation involved in DNA repair  
DNA ligation involved in DNA repair +   
DNA replication proofreading  
DNA synthesis involved in DNA repair +   
DNA synthesis involved in mitochondrial DNA replication 
double-strand break repair +   
interstrand cross-link repair +   
mismatch repair +   
mitochondrial DNA catabolic process  
mitochondrial DNA repair  
The process of restoring mitochondrial DNA after damage.
mitochondrial DNA replication +   
mitochondrion DNA recombination 
negative regulation of DNA repair +   
negative regulation of mitochondrial DNA metabolic process +   
non-photoreactive DNA repair 
nucleotide-excision repair +   
positive regulation of DNA repair +   
positive regulation of mitochondrial DNA metabolic process +   
postreplication repair +   
protein-DNA covalent cross-linking repair  
pyrimidine dimer repair +   
recombinational repair +   
regulation of DNA repair +   
regulation of mitochondrial DNA metabolic process +   
single strand break repair +   
UV-damage excision repair +   
viral DNA repair +  

Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:2759 ! Eukaryota
Definition Sources: PMID:12565799, PMID:15189144, PMID:16050976

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