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cellular response to stimulus +   
detection of stimulus +   
immune response +   
muscle adaptation +   
A process in which muscle adapts, with consequent modifications to structural and/or functional phenotypes, in response to a stimulus. Stimuli include contractile activity, loading conditions, substrate supply, and environmental factors. These adaptive events occur in both muscle fibers and associated structures (motoneurons and capillaries), and they involve alterations in regulatory mechanisms, contractile properties and metabolic capacities.
muscle contraction +   
muscle hypertrophy +   
negative regulation of response to stimulus +   
positive regulation of response to stimulus +   
regulation of muscle system process +   
regulation of response to stimulus +   
relaxation of muscle +   
response to abiotic stimulus +   
response to activity +   
response to biotic stimulus +   
response to chemical +   
response to endogenous stimulus +   
response to external stimulus +   
response to inactivity +   
response to redox state +   
response to stimulus involved in regulation of muscle adaptation +   
response to stress +   

Related Synonyms: muscle plasticity
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_muscle, PMID:11181628, PMID:11449884, PMID:12605307

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