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acetoacetic acid metabolic process (GO:0043438)
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2-oxobutyrate metabolic process +   
acetoacetic acid metabolic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways involving acetoacetic acid, 3-oxobutanoic acid; the empirical formula is C4H6O3 or CH3COCH2COOH.
acetone metabolic process +  
butyrate metabolic process +   
glutamate catabolic process to 4-hydroxybutyrate 
ketone body biosynthetic process +   
ketone body catabolic process +   
propionate metabolic process +   
short-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process +   
short-chain fatty acid catabolic process +   

Exact Synonyms: 3-oxobutanoate metabolic process ;   3-oxobutanoate metabolism ;   3-oxobutanoic acid metabolic process ;   3-oxobutanoic acid metabolism ;   acetoacetate metabolic process ;   acetoacetate metabolism ;   acetoacetic acid metabolism ;   beta ketobutyric acid metabolic process ;   beta ketobutyric acid metabolism ;   diacetic acid metabolic process ;   diacetic acid metabolism
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Acetoacetic_acid

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