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2-aminobenzenesulfonate metabolic process +  
6-sulfoquinovose(1-) metabolic process +   
alkanesulfonate metabolic process +   
coenzyme M metabolic process +  
cyanate metabolic process +   
naphthalenesulfonate metabolic process 
organic acid biosynthetic process +   
organic acid catabolic process +   
organic acid phosphorylation 
oxoacid metabolic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways involving any oxoacid; an oxoacid is a compound which contains oxygen, at least one other element, and at least one hydrogen bound to oxygen, and which produces a conjugate base by loss of positive hydrogen ion(s) (hydrons).
teichuronic acid metabolic process +  
thiocyanate metabolic process +   
toluene-4-sulfonate metabolic process +  

Exact Synonyms: keto acid metabolic process ;   keto acid metabolism ;   ketoacid metabolic process ;   ketoacid metabolism ;   oxo acid metabolic process ;   oxo acid metabolism ;   oxoacid metabolism
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Oxyacid

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