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organelle +     
angiogenin-PRI complex  
extracellular ferritin complex 
extracellular isoamylase complex 
extracellular organelle +   
Organized structure of distinctive morphology and function, occurring outside the cell. Includes, for example, extracellular membrane vesicles (EMVs) and the cellulosomes of anaerobic bacteria and fungi.
extracellular space +   
extrahaustorial matrix 
extraorganismal space 
hyaluranon cable  
intercellular bridge +   
intracellular organelle +   
kinocilium +   
magnetosome +  
membrane-bounded organelle +   
mucus layer +   
non-membrane-bounded organelle +   
organellar ribosome +   
organelle lumen +   
organelle membrane contact site +   
perisynaptic space  
perivitelline space  
pituitary gonadotropin complex +   
postsynaptic specialization +   
stereocilium +   
synaptic cleft  
ventral disc +  

Definition Sources: GOC:jl, PMID:9914479

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