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acrosomal vesicle +     
vacuole +     
A band +   
acrosomal lumen  
acrosomal matrix  
A structural framework, or 'dense core' at the interior of an acrosome. May regulate the distribution of hydrolases within the acrosome and their release during the acrosome reaction.
acrosomal membrane +   
actin body 
actin cap  
actin filament branch point  
actin filament bundle +   
actin wave 
actomyosin +   
alae of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix 
annular furrow extracellular matrix 
annuli extracellular matrix 
apical complex +  
apical cytoplasm +   
apical lamina of hyaline layer 
apical part of cell +   
ascus epiplasm 
autophagosome +   
axon collateral +   
axon hillock  
axon initial segment  
axonemal basal plate  
axonemal central apparatus +   
axonemal central bridge 
axonemal central pair +  
axonemal central pair projection  
axonemal outer doublet +   
axoneme +   
bacterial biofilm matrix surface 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body +  
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, C ring 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod +  
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod, L ring 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod, P ring 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, MS ring 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, proximal rod 
bacterial-type flagellum basal body, rod +  
bacterial-type flagellum filament +  
bacterial-type flagellum filament cap 
bacterial-type flagellum hook 
bacterial-type flagellum hook-filament junction 
bacterial-type flagellum motor +  
bacterial-type flagellum rotor complex 
bacterial-type flagellum secretion apparatus 
basal body patch  
basal labyrinth 
basal layer of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix 
basal part of cell +   
basal ring of apical complex 
basolateral cytoplasm +  
basolateral part of cell  
bilobe structure 
blood microparticle +   
C zone  
Casparian strip 
cell body +   
cell body membrane +   
cell division site +   
cell junction +   
cell leading edge +   
cell periphery +   
cell plate 
cell pole +   
cell projection +   
cell septum +  
cell septum edging 
cell surface +   
cell surface furrow +  
cell trailing edge +   
cell trailing edge membrane +   
cellular birth scar 
cellular bud +  
cellular bud membrane 
cellular bud neck septin structure +  
cellular bud scar 
cellularization cleavage furrow invagination front 
cellulose microfibril 
central cylinder 
central element  
central plaque of spindle pole body +  
central region of growth cone  
centriolar satellite  
centrosomal core 
centrosomal corona  
chitosan layer of spore wall 
chromatin +   
chromosomal region +   
chrorion micropyle 
ciliary base  
ciliary cap 
ciliary inversin compartment  
ciliary microtubule quartet 
ciliary pocket +   
ciliary pocket collar 
ciliary pro-basal body 
ciliary rootlet  
ciliary shaft 
ciliary tip  
ciliary transition zone +   
cleavage apparatus septin structure +  
cleavage furrow leading edge 
cleavage furrow rim 
cluster of actin-based cell projections +   
compact myelin +   
concave side of sperm head  
cone matrix sheath  
contractile ring +   
contractile vacuole +  
cortical dynamic polarity patch 
cortical layer of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix +  
cuticular plate  
cytoplasm +   
cytoplasmic side of nuclear pore  
cytoskeletal calyx  
cytosol +   
deep fiber 
dendrite terminus +   
dendritic shaft  
dendritic spine head  
dendritic spine neck +   
dendritic spine origin 
dense body  
dense fibrillar component  
dense nuclear body 
DIM/DIP cell wall layer 
dinoflagellate antapex +  
dinoflagellate apex +  
dinoflagellate epicone +  
dinoflagellate hypocone +  
distal axon +   
distal portion of axoneme  
dityrosine layer of spore wall 
DNA replication termination region 
ectexine +  
eisosome +  
endocytic patch +  
endomembrane system +   
endonuclear canal 
endoplasmic reticulum exit site  
endoplasmic reticulum quality control compartment  
endospore coat 
endospore cortex 
ensheathing process +   
envelope +   
epicuticle of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix 
etioplast prolamellar body 
exine +  
external encapsulating structure +   
external side of cell wall +  
extracellular core region of desmosome 
extracellular region +   
extracellular space +   
extrahaustorial matrix 
extraorganismal space 
extrinsic component of membrane +   
female germline ring canal inner rim 
female germline ring canal outer rim 
fibrillar center  
filiform apparatus 
filopodium tip  
Flemming body  
foot layer 
gas vesicle shell 
germ tube +  
glycogen granule  
glycoprotein network 
granular component  
granum +  
growth cone membrane  
H zone  
half bridge of spindle pole body +  
Hechtian strand 
hemicellulose network 
host cellular component +   
hyaluranon cable  
I band +   
immunological synapse  
inner dense plaque of desmosome  
inner layer of spore wall 
inner membrane pellicle complex 
inner plaque of spindle pole body +  
intercellular bridge +   
intermediate layer of spindle pole body +  
internode region of axon  
intracellular anatomical structure +   
intracellular canaliculus  
intracellular immature spore +  
investment cone 
Isp3 layer of spore wall 
juxtaparanode region of axon  
keratohyalin granule  
kinetoplast +  
lateral element  
lateral loop  
lateral part of cell +   
lateral plasma membrane  
lateral shield 
leading edge membrane +   
leaflet of membrane bilayer 
left lateral basal body pair 
left middle basal body pair 
left tetrad 
Lewy body core  
Lewy body corona  
lignin network 
longitudinal sarcoplasmic reticulum +   
longitudinal side of cell surface 
lysosomal matrix  
lytic vacuole +   
M band  
macropinocytic cup cytoskeleton 
main axon +   
mating projection actin fusion focus 
mating projection base 
medial cortical node +  
medial layer of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix 
medial membrane band 
median body 
membrane +   
membrane-enclosed lumen +   
micropexophagy-specific membrane apparatus 
microsporidian-type endospore 
microsporidian-type exospore 
microtubule bundle +   
microtubule end +   
microtubule organizing center +   
microtubule organizing center attachment site +   
midbody +   
mitochondrial crista  
mitochondrial inner boundary membrane 
mitochondrial intracristal space 
mitochondrial membrane scission site 
mitochondrion-associated adherens complex 
mitotic actomyosin contractile ring, distal actin filament layer 
mitotic actomyosin contractile ring, intermediate layer 
mitotic actomyosin contractile ring, proximal layer 
mitotic nuclear bridge +  
mitotic nuclear bridge midzone +  
mitotic nuclear bridge midzone membrane domain 
mitotic nuclear bridge stalk 
mucus layer +   
myelin sheath +   
myelin sheath abaxonal region  
myelin sheath adaxonal region  
myofilament +   
neck portion of tanycyte 
neuron projection branch point +   
neuron projection terminus +   
node of Ranvier  
nuclear body +   
nuclear envelope adjacent to nuclear pore complex 
nuclear lamina +   
nuclear matrix  
nuclear periphery +   
nucleoid +   
nucleolar chromatin +   
nucleoplasm +   
nucleoplasmic periphery of the nuclear pore complex  
nucleoplasmic reticulum  
nucleoplasmic side of nuclear pore  
nucleus lagging edge 
nucleus leading edge 
oral apparatus +  
organellar chromatophore intermembrane space 
organelle +   
organelle membrane contact site +   
organelle subcompartment +   
organelle-enclosing lipid monolayer +  
orthogonal array 
other organism part +   
outer dense plaque of desmosome  
outer plaque of spindle pole body +  
pairing center 
paranode region of axon  
pectic matrix 
pellicle +  
perforation plate 
peribacteroid fluid 
pericellular basket  
pericentriolar material  
perichromatin fibrils  
perinuclear endoplasmic reticulum +   
perinuclear region of cytoplasm +   
perinucleolar compartment  
periphagosomal region of cytoplasm 
peripheral region of growth cone +   
periplasmic space +   
phagocytic cup +   
phagocytic cup base 
phagocytic cup lip 
phagophore assembly site +   
photoreceptor distal connecting cilium  
photoreceptor inner segment +   
photoreceptor outer segment +   
photoreceptor proximal connecting cilium  
pilus shaft 
pilus tip 
pinceau fiber  
plant-type vacuole +  
plasma membrane-derived chromatophore +  
plasmodesmatal cytoplasmic sleeve 
plasmodesmatal desmotubule +  
plasmodesmatal plasma membrane 
plastid stroma +  
podosome core  
podosome ring  
polar ring of apical complex 
polar tube 
pollen aperture 
polytene chromosome ectopic fiber 
polytene chromosome weak point 
post-anaphase microtubule array +  
post-lysosomal vacuole 
postsynapse +   
postsynaptic endocytic zone +   
preprophase band 
presynapse +   
presynaptic active zone +   
presynaptic active zone dense projection 
presynaptic endocytic zone +   
presynaptic grid 
prospore membrane spindle pole body attachment site 
proximal portion of axoneme  
rDNA protrusion 
recombination nodule +   
replication fork +   
reservosome lumen 
reservosome matrix 
reservosome membrane 
respirasome +   
retrotransposon nucleocapsid 
rhoptry +  
rhoptry neck 
right lateral basal body pair 
right middle basal body pair 
right tetrad 
ring centriole 
rough endoplasmic reticulum cisterna 
sarcomere +   
satellite fibril 
Schmidt-Lanterman incisure  
sculpture element 
septin band +  
sexine +  
side of membrane +   
sieve area 
sieve plate +  
site of DNA damage +   
site of polarized growth +   
smooth endoplasmic reticulum cisterna +  
smooth muscle dense body  
somatodendritic compartment +   
sperm annulus  
sperm connecting piece  
sperm end piece  
sperm fibrous sheath  
sperm head +   
sperm head-tail coupling apparatus  
sperm midpiece +   
sperm mitochondrial sheath  
sperm principal piece  
spindle matrix  
spindle midzone +   
spindle pole +   
spine mat 
starch grain +  
stereocilia coupling link +   
stereocilia tip-link density +   
stereocilium base  
stereocilium shaft  
stereocilium tip  
storage vacuole +   
striated muscle dense body  
subapical part of cell  
suberin network 
subpellicular network 
subplasmalemmal coating  
supramolecular complex +   
surface coat of collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix 
symplast +  
synaptonemal structure +   
T-tubule +   
tail portion of tanycyte 
tetraspanin-enriched microdomain  
thylakoid lumen +  
transverse filament  
tripartite attachment complex 
tubular endosome  
Ubisch body 
unencapsulated part of cell 
unicellular trichome apex +  
unicellular trichome branch 
unicellular trichome tip 
vacuolar lumen +   
vacuolar membrane +   
ventral disc crossbridge 
ventral disc dorsal microribbon 
ventral disc lateral crest 
ventral disc microtubule array 
ventral disc overlap zone 
ventral disc supernumerary microtubule array 
ventral surface of cell  
yolk +   
yolk granule 
yolk plasma 
Z disc +   

Definition Sources: GOC:jl, PMID:8949900, PMID:9139729

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