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epidermal growth factor binding  
fibroblast growth factor binding  
hepatocyte growth factor binding  
insulin-like growth factor binding +   
interleukin-1 binding +   
interleukin-10 binding  
interleukin-11 binding  
interleukin-2 binding  
interleukin-3 binding  
interleukin-4 binding 
interleukin-5 binding 
interleukin-6 binding  
interleukin-7 binding 
interleukin-9 binding  
neuregulin binding  
neurotrophin binding +   
Interacting selectively and non-covalently with a neurotrophin, any of a family of growth factors that prevent apoptosis in neurons and promote nerve growth.
platelet-derived growth factor binding  
transforming growth factor beta binding  
vascular endothelial growth factor binding  

Exact Synonyms: neurotrophic factor binding
Narrow Synonyms: NT-3 binding ;   NT-4 binding ;   NT-4/5 binding ;   NT-5 binding ;   NT3 binding ;   NT4 binding ;   NT5 binding ;   neurotrophin 3 binding ;   neurotrophin 4/5 binding
Related Synonyms: neurotrophin TRK receptor activity ;   neurotrophin TRKA receptor activity ;   neurotrophin TRKB receptor activity ;   neurotrophin TRKC receptor activity
Alternate IDs: GO:0048404 ;   GO:0048405
Definition Sources: GOC:jl

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