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ATP synthesis coupled electron transport (GO:0042773)
Annotations: Rat: (110) Mouse: (82) Human: (108) Chinchilla: (34) Bonobo: (65) Dog: (86) Squirrel: (63) Pig: (82)
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aerobic electron transport chain +   
anaerobic electron transport chain 
ATP synthesis coupled electron transport +   
The transfer of electrons through a series of electron donors and acceptors, generating energy that is ultimately used for synthesis of ATP.
glycerophosphate shuttle  
malate-aspartate shuttle  
negative regulation of oxidative phosphorylation +   
plasma membrane electron transport, NADH to quinone 
positive regulation of oxidative phosphorylation  
proton motive force-driven mitochondrial ATP synthesis +   
regulation of oxidative phosphorylation +   

Definition Sources: ISBN:0716731363

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