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photoreceptor cell development (GO:0042461)
Annotations: Rat: (66) Mouse: (66) Human: (68) Chinchilla: (53) Bonobo: (55) Dog: (60) Squirrel: (52) Pig: (64)
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cardiac neuron development 
cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation +   
central nervous system neuron development +   
eye photoreceptor cell differentiation +   
inner ear receptor cell development +   
negative regulation of photoreceptor cell differentiation +   
neuromast hair cell development +   
neuron development involved in amphid sensory organ development +  
neuron maturation +   
neuron projection development +   
neuron recognition +   
noradrenergic neuron development  
ocellus photoreceptor cell differentiation +  
olfactory bulb tufted cell development 
peripheral nervous system neuron development +   
photoreceptor cell development +   
Development of a photoreceptor, a cell that responds to incident electromagnetic radiation, particularly visible light.
photoreceptor cell fate commitment +   
positive regulation of photoreceptor cell differentiation +   
regulation of photoreceptor cell differentiation +   

Exact Synonyms: photoreceptor morphogenesis
Alternate IDs: GO:0046531
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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