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regeneration +     
animal organ regeneration +   
antral ovarian follicle growth +   
blastocyst growth +   
cardiac muscle tissue growth +   
developmental cell growth +   
developmental growth involved in morphogenesis +   
developmental vegetative growth +  
growth of a germarium-derived egg chamber +  
heart capillary growth 
imaginal disc growth +  
meristem growth +  
multicellular organism growth +   
negative regulation of developmental growth +   
neuron projection regeneration +   
organ growth +   
ovarian cumulus expansion  
positive regulation of developmental growth +   
preantral ovarian follicle growth  
primary ovarian follicle growth +   
regulation of developmental growth +   
root regeneration 
seed growth +  
shoot regeneration 
skeletal muscle tissue growth +   
somatic embryogenesis 
spongiotrophoblast layer developmental growth +   
synaptic assembly at neuromuscular junction +   
tissue regeneration +   
The regrowth of lost or destroyed tissues.
uterine wall growth 

Definition Sources: GOC:curators

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