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acrosome assembly +   
anterior/posterior axis specification, follicular epithelium 
apoptotic process involved in luteolysis  
bicoid mRNA localization +  
canonical Wnt signaling pathway involved in regulation of cell proliferation +   
cell proliferation in bone marrow +   
cell proliferation involved in compound eye morphogenesis +  
cell proliferation involved in embryonic placenta development +   
cell proliferation involved in heart morphogenesis +   
cell proliferation involved in heart valve development +   
cell proliferation involved in imaginal disc-derived wing morphogenesis +  
cell proliferation involved in kidney development +   
cell wall modification involved in fruit ripening 
chondrocyte proliferation +   
chorionic trophoblast cell proliferation +   
clathrin-dependent endocytosis involved in vitellogenesis 
common myeloid progenitor cell proliferation  
cumulus cell differentiation +  
cystoblast division +  
cytoplasmic transport, nurse cell to oocyte +  
DNA methylation involved in gamete generation  
dorsal/ventral axis specification, ovarian follicular epithelium +  
egg coat formation +   
eggshell chorion assembly +  
eggshell chorion gene amplification 
embryo sac egg cell differentiation +  
epithelial cell proliferation +   
fat cell proliferation +   
female gamete generation +   
female germline ring canal formation, actin assembly 
female germline ring canal stabilization 
female meiosis chromosome segregation +   
female meiosis sister chromatid cohesion  
female meiotic chromosome movement towards spindle pole 
female meiotic nuclear division +   
fibroblast proliferation +   
follicle-stimulating hormone signaling pathway  
fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane involved in double fertilization forming a zygote and endosperm +  
fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane involved in double fertilization forming two zygotes 
fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane involved in single fertilization +   
fusome organization +  
generative cell mitosis 
germ cell attraction 
germ cell development +   
germ cell migration +   
germ cell proliferation +   
The multiplication or reproduction of germ cells, reproductive cells in multicellular organisms, resulting in the expansion of a cell population.
germ cell repulsion 
germ-line cyst encapsulation +  
germ-line cyst formation +  
germ-line stem cell division +   
germarium-derived oocyte fate determination 
germline ring canal formation +  
glial cell proliferation +   
growth plate cartilage chondrocyte proliferation +   
hair follicle cell proliferation +   
hemocyte proliferation +  
inner cell mass cell proliferation  
intramanchette transport  
karyosome formation +  
leukocyte proliferation +   
maintenance of pole plasm mRNA location 
male gamete generation +   
male meiosis chromosome segregation +   
male meiosis cytokinesis  
male meiosis sister chromatid cohesion  
male meiotic chromosome movement towards spindle pole 
male meiotic nuclear division +   
male-female gamete recognition during double fertilization forming a zygote and endosperm 
mammary stem cell proliferation +   
manchette assembly  
manchette disassembly  
meiotic cell cycle process involved in oocyte maturation +   
membrane fusion involved in acrosome reaction 
mesenchymal cell proliferation +   
muscle cell proliferation +   
myoblast proliferation +   
Nebenkern assembly 
negative regulation of cell population proliferation +   
neural precursor cell proliferation +   
nurse cell apoptotic process +  
oocyte construction +   
oocyte differentiation +   
oocyte fate commitment 
oocyte growth +   
oocyte localization involved in germarium-derived egg chamber formation 
oocyte maturation +   
oocyte microtubule cytoskeleton organization +  
oocyte microtubule cytoskeleton polarization 
oocyte nucleus localization involved in oocyte dorsal/ventral axis specification +  
osteoblast proliferation +   
ovarian follicle cell development +  
ovarian follicle cell migration +  
ovarian follicle cell-cell adhesion 
P granule organization +   
polar body extrusion after meiotic divisions  
pole cell development +  
pole cell fate determination 
pole plasm assembly +   
pole plasm mRNA localization +  
pollen sperm cell differentiation 
positive regulation of actin filament polymerization involved in sperm capacitation 
positive regulation of cell population proliferation +   
primary spermatocyte growth  
proacrosomal vesicle fusion  
progesterone secretion +   
regulation of cell population proliferation +   
sebum secreting cell proliferation +   
secondary cell wall biogenesis involved in seed trichome differentiation 
seed trichome differentiation +  
seed trichome elongation 
seed trichome initiation 
seed trichome maturation 
sperm axoneme assembly  
sperm capacitation +   
sperm chromatin condensation +   
sperm flagellum assembly +   
sperm plasma membrane disassembly 
spermatid differentiation +   
spermatid nucleus differentiation +   
spermatid nucleus elongation  
spermatocyte division  
spermatogenesis, exchange of chromosomal proteins  
spermatogonial cell division  
spindle assembly involved in female meiosis +   
spindle assembly involved in male meiosis +  
stem cell proliferation +   
stomium development 
stromal-epithelial cell signaling involved in prostate gland development  
synoviocyte proliferation +   
trophectodermal cell proliferation +   
vesicle targeting to fusome 
vitellogenesis +   
Wnt signaling pathway involved in animal/vegetal axis specification 

Definition Sources: CL:0000586, GOC:kmv

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