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natural killer cell chemotaxis (GO:0035747)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (10) Human: (12) Chinchilla: (4) Bonobo: (5) Dog: (9) Squirrel: (4) Pig: (8)
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B cell chemotaxis +   
lymphocyte chemotaxis across high endothelial venule +   
natural killer cell chemotaxis +   
The directed movement of a natural killer cell guided by a specific chemical concentration gradient. Movement may be towards a higher concentration (positive chemotaxis) or towards a lower concentration (negative chemotaxis).
negative regulation of lymphocyte chemotaxis +   
positive regulation of lymphocyte chemotaxis +   
regulation of lymphocyte chemotaxis +   
T cell chemotaxis +   

Definition Sources: CL:0000623, GOC:BHF

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