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syncytial nuclear migration (GO:0035190)
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actin-dependent nuclear migration 
amnioserosa maintenance 
dorsal closure +  
embryo sac nuclear migration +  
garland nephrocyte differentiation 
germ-band shortening 
head involution 
interkinetic nuclear migration  
nuclear migration along microfilament  
nuclear migration along microtubule +   
nuclear migration by microtubule mediated pushing forces 
nuclear migration involved in conjugation with mutual genetic exchange 
oocyte nucleus migration involved in oocyte dorsal/ventral axis specification 
pronuclear migration 
pseudocleavage involved in syncytial blastoderm formation 
syncytial nuclear migration +  
The directed movement of nuclei within the syncytial embryo of insects. These precise temporal and spatial patterns of nuclear movement are coordinated with mitotic divisons and are required during blastoderm formation to reposition dividing nuclei from the interior of the syncytial embryo to the cortex.

Definition Sources: GOC:bf, ISBN:0879694238, PMID:8314839

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