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CLRC complex 
ESC/E(Z) complex  
A multimeric protein complex that can methylate lysine-27 and lysine-9 residues of histone H3. In Drosophila the core subunits of the complex include ESC, E(Z), CAF1 (NURF-55) and SU(Z)12. In mammals the core subunits of the complex include EED, EZH2, SUZ12 and RBBP4.
MLL1/2 complex +   
MLL3/4 complex  
nucleosomal methylation activator complex 
PR-DUB complex  
PRC1 complex  
Set1C/COMPASS complex  

Exact Synonyms: Extra Sex Combs/Enhancer of Zeste complex ;   PRC2 complex
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, GOC:sp, PMID:12408863, PMID:12408864, PMID:20064375

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