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substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading (GO:0034446)
Annotations: Rat: (112) Mouse: (113) Human: (117) Chinchilla: (95) Bonobo: (95) Dog: (112) Squirrel: (96) Pig: (113)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cell adhesion involved in biofilm formation +  
cell morphogenesis involved in Malpighian tubule morphogenesis 
cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation +   
cell morphogenesis involved in semicircular canal fusion 
cell-abiotic substrate adhesion  
cell-matrix adhesion +   
cell-matrix adhesion involved in tangential migration using cell-cell interactions 
chondrocyte morphogenesis +   
endothelial to hematopoietic transition  
epithelial cell morphogenesis +   
formation of radial glial scaffolds +   
guard cell morphogenesis 
inner cell mass cellular morphogenesis  
interneuron-substratum interaction involved in interneuron migration from the subpallium to the cortex 
lateral line nerve glial cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +  
lens fiber cell morphogenesis  
negative regulation of cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
negative regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
oocyte morphogenesis 
ovarian follicle cell stalk formation 
platelet morphogenesis +   
pollen tube growth +  
positive regulation of cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
regulation of cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
regulation of cell-substrate adhesion +   
root hair cell tip growth 
root hair initiation 
seed trichome elongation 
substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading +   
The morphogenetic process that results in flattening of a cell as a consequence of its adhesion to a substrate.
substrate-dependent cell migration, cell attachment to substrate +   
trichome branching 
trichome morphogenesis +  
trophectodermal cellular morphogenesis  

Exact Synonyms: cell spreading during cell substrate adhesion
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, GOC:pf, PMID:17050732

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