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primary alcohol metabolic process (GO:0034308)
Annotations: Rat: (103) Mouse: (94) Human: (111) Chinchilla: (49) Bonobo: (80) Dog: (70) Squirrel: (65) Pig: (82)
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3-(3-hydroxy)phenylpropionate metabolic process +  
3-hydroxybenzyl alcohol metabolic process 
alcohol biosynthetic process +   
alcohol catabolic process +   
cyclopentanol metabolic process +  
ethanolamine-containing compound metabolic process +   
fatty alcohol metabolic process +   
fonsecin metabolic process +  
monensin A metabolic process +  
polyol metabolic process +   
polyprenol metabolic process +   
prenol metabolic process +  
primary alcohol metabolic process +   
The chemical reactions and pathways involving primary alcohols. A primary alcohol is any alcohol in which a hydroxy group, -OH, is attached to a saturated carbon atom which has either three hydrogen atoms attached to it or only one other carbon atom and two hydrogen atoms attached to it.
secondary alcohol metabolic process +   
tertiary alcohol metabolic process +   

Exact Synonyms: monohydric alcohol metabolic process ;   primary alcohol metabolism
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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