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amide binding +     
acetyl-CoA binding  
alcohol binding +   
biotin binding  
ceramide binding +   
dethiobiotin binding 
dihydrofolic acid binding  
fatty-acyl-CoA binding +   
folic acid binding  
lipoamide binding  
melatonin binding  
methotrexate binding  
monosaccharide binding +   
N-1-naphthylphthalamic acid binding 
nucleobase binding +   
nucleoside binding +   
nucleotide binding +   
organic acid binding +   
oxygen binding +   
penicillin binding 
peptide binding +   
phosphopantetheine binding  
urea binding 
Interacting selectively and non-covalently with urea, a water-soluble carboxamide with the structure H2N-CO-NH2.
vitamin binding +   

Definition Sources: GOC:mah, ISBN:0198506732

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