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DNA integrity checkpoint signaling (GO:0031570)
Annotations: Rat: (129) Mouse: (127) Human: (142) Chinchilla: (102) Bonobo: (112) Dog: (122) Squirrel: (107) Pig: (124)
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DNA integrity checkpoint signaling +   
A signaling process that controls cell cycle progression in response to changes in DNA structure by monitoring the integrity of the DNA. The DNA integrity checkpoint begins with detection of DNA damage, defects in DNA structure or DNA replication, and progresses through signal transduction and ends with cell cycle effector processes.
meiotic cell cycle checkpoint signaling +   
mitotic cell cycle checkpoint signaling +   
negative regulation of cell cycle checkpoint +   
positive regulation of cell cycle checkpoint +   
regulation of cell cycle checkpoint +   
spindle checkpoint signaling +   

Exact Synonyms: DNA integrity checkpoint ;   signal transduction involved in DNA integrity checkpoint
Alternate IDs: GO:0072401
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_cell_cycle

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