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cilium +     
centriolar subdistal appendage  
ciliary basal body +   
ciliary base  
ciliary cap 
ciliary inversin compartment  
ciliary membrane +   
ciliary microtubule quartet 
ciliary plasm +   
ciliary pocket +   
ciliary rootlet  
ciliary shaft 
ciliary tip  
ciliary transition fiber  
ciliary transition zone +   
motile cilium +   
A cilium which may have a variable arrangement of axonemal microtubules and also contains molecular motors. It may beat with a whip-like pattern that promotes cell motility or transport of fluids and other cells across a cell surface, such as on epithelial cells that line the lumenal ducts of various tissues; or they may display a distinct twirling motion that directs fluid flow asymmetrically across the cellular surface to affect asymmetric body plan organization. Motile cilia can be found in single as well as multiple copies per cell.
non-motile cilium +   
ring centriole 

Exact Synonyms: motile cilia
Related Synonyms: microtubule-based flagellum ;   motile primary cilia ;   motile primary cilium ;   motile secondary cilium ;   nodal cilium
Alternate IDs: GO:0009434 ;   GO:0031512
Definition Sources: GOC:cilia, GOC:dgh, GOC:kmv, PMID:17009929, PMID:20144998, PMID:22118931

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