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negative regulation of protein-containing complex assembly (GO:0031333)
Annotations: Rat: (162) Mouse: (174) Human: (174) Chinchilla: (121) Bonobo: (160) Dog: (154) Squirrel: (145) Pig: (152)
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activation of transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity 
AIM2 inflammasome complex assembly +   
anaphase-promoting complex assembly 
apoptosome assembly +   
Atg1/ULK1 kinase complex assembly +  
axonemal dynein complex assembly +   
beta-catenin destruction complex assembly 
beta-catenin-TCF complex assembly +   
canonical inflammasome complex assembly +   
chaperone-mediated autophagy translocation complex assembly 
chaperone-mediated protein complex assembly +   
ciliary centrin arm assembly 
ciliary necklace assembly 
ciliary transition fiber assembly 
clathrin coat assembly +   
COP9 signalosome assembly  
COPII vesicle coating +   
cytochrome complex assembly +   
death-inducing signaling complex assembly +   
dense core granule priming  
DNA repair complex assembly +   
dosage compensation complex assembly 
Dsc E3 ubiquitin ligase complex assembly 
ESCRT complex assembly +   
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 complex assembly  
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B complex assembly 
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 complex assembly 
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4F complex assembly +   
exocyst assembly +   
exon-exon junction complex assembly 
FACT complex assembly +  
gamma-tubulin complex assembly 
Golgi membrane coat protein complex assembly 
Golgi membrane priming complex assembly 
Golgi vesicle prefusion complex stabilization  
heterotrimeric G-protein complex assembly  
integrin activation +   
kinetochore assembly +   
lateral cortical node assembly 
LinE complex assembly 
MBF transcription complex assembly 
MCM complex assembly 
mediator complex assembly +   
MHC protein complex assembly +   
mitochondrial outer membrane translocase complex assembly 
mitochondrial respirasome assembly  
mitochondrial respiratory chain complex assembly +   
mitotic checkpoint complex assembly 
Mre11 complex assembly 
mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor complex assembly 
myosin filament assembly +   
NAD(P)H dehydrogenase complex assembly +  
NADH dehydrogenase complex assembly +   
negative regulation of adherens junction organization  
negative regulation of barbed-end actin filament capping  
negative regulation of blood microparticle formation +  
negative regulation of capsule organization 
negative regulation of cell junction assembly +   
negative regulation of cell projection organization +   
negative regulation of cell septum assembly +  
negative regulation of cell-substrate junction organization +   
negative regulation of chromatin organization +   
negative regulation of endocytosis +   
negative regulation of erythrocyte enucleation 
negative regulation of extracellular matrix organization +   
negative regulation of fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane 
negative regulation of fusion of virus membrane with host plasma membrane  
negative regulation of hyaluranon cable assembly 
negative regulation of inclusion body assembly +   
negative regulation of integrin biosynthetic process +   
negative regulation of iron-sulfur cluster assembly +  
negative regulation of membrane invagination +   
negative regulation of membrane tubulation  
negative regulation of mitotic nuclear envelope disassembly 
negative regulation of organelle organization +   
negative regulation of phospholipid translocation +  
negative regulation of plasma lipoprotein oxidation  
negative regulation of plasma membrane raft polarization 
negative regulation of plasma membrane repair 
negative regulation of protein-containing complex assembly +   
Any process that stops, prevents, or reduces the frequency, rate or extent of protein complex assembly.
negative regulation of protein-containing complex disassembly +   
negative regulation of supramolecular fiber organization +   
negative regulation of synapse organization +   
negative regulation of synapse structural plasticity 
negative regulation of synaptic vesicle membrane organization +  
negative regulation of syncytium formation by plasma membrane fusion +   
negative regulation of t-circle formation  
negative regulation of terminal button organization 
negative regulation of tight junction disassembly 
negative regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodeling  
negative regulation of vitellogenesis 
nodal receptor complex assembly +   
non-canonical inflammasome complex assembly +   
origin recognition complex assembly 
peptide antigen assembly with MHC protein complex +   
photosystem I assembly 
photosystem II assembly +  
podosome assembly +   
pore complex assembly +   
positive regulation of protein-containing complex assembly +   
post-translational protein targeting to membrane, docking 
proteasome assembly +   
protein catenane formation 
protein complex oligomerization +   
protein polymerization +   
protein-containing complex assembly involved in synapse maturation  
protein-DNA complex assembly +   
protein-DNA-RNA complex assembly 
protein-lipid complex assembly +   
protein-RNA complex assembly +   
proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex assembly +   
pyroptosome complex assembly  
radial spoke assembly  
regulation of AIM2 inflammasome complex assembly +   
regulation of apoptosome assembly +   
regulation of assembly of large subunit precursor of preribosome +  
regulation of Atg1/ULK1 kinase complex assembly +  
regulation of beta-catenin-TCF complex assembly +   
regulation of centromere complex assembly +   
regulation of chaperone-mediated protein complex assembly +   
regulation of clathrin coat assembly +   
regulation of COPII vesicle coating  
regulation of death-inducing signaling complex assembly +   
regulation of DNA recombinase mediator complex assembly +  
regulation of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4F complex assembly +   
regulation of exocyst assembly +   
regulation of FACT complex assembly +  
regulation of formation of translation initiation ternary complex +  
regulation of formation of translation preinitiation complex +   
regulation of high-density lipoprotein particle assembly +   
regulation of integrin activation +   
regulation of mediator complex assembly +   
regulation of myosin II filament assembly +  
regulation of NLRP3 inflammasome complex assembly +   
regulation of nodal receptor complex assembly +   
regulation of podosome assembly +   
regulation of proteasome assembly +  
regulation of protein oligomerization +   
regulation of protein polymerization +   
regulation of protein-containing complex assembly +   
regulation of pseudohyphal septin ring assembly +  
regulation of ripoptosome assembly involved in necroptotic process +   
regulation of RNA polymerase II transcription preinitiation complex assembly +   
regulation of shelterin complex assembly +   
regulation of SNARE complex assembly +   
regulation of starch utilization system complex assembly +  
regulation of synaptic vesicle priming +   
regulation of telomerase catalytic core complex assembly +   
regulation of VCP-NPL4-UFD1 AAA ATPase complex assembly +   
regulation of Wnt-Frizzled-LRP5/6 complex assembly +   
respiratory chain complex II assembly +   
ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase complex assembly 
ripoptosome assembly +   
RNA polymerase I assembly  
RNA polymerase II core complex assembly  
RNA polymerase III assembly  
SAGA complex assembly  
SCF complex assembly  
septin ring assembly +   
signal complex assembly  
SNARE complex assembly +   
SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, signal sequence recognition  
starch utilization system complex assembly +  
steroid hormone receptor complex assembly  
synaptic vesicle priming +   
TCR signalosome assembly  
TORC1 complex assembly  
transcription factor TFIIIB complex assembly 
transforming growth factor beta receptor complex assembly  
tubulin complex assembly  
VCP-NPL4-UFD1 AAA ATPase complex assembly +   
voltage-gated calcium channel complex assembly 
Wnt signalosome assembly  
Wnt-Frizzled-LRP5/6 complex assembly +   
Y-shaped link assembly 

Exact Synonyms: down regulation of protein complex assembly ;   downregulation of protein complex assembly
Narrow Synonyms: inhibition of protein complex assembly
Related Synonyms: negative regulation of protein complex assembly
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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