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DNA replication preinitiation complex (GO:0031261)
Annotations: Rat: (5) Mouse: (5) Human: (5) Chinchilla: (0) Bonobo: (0) Dog: (4) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (5)
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nucleoplasm +     
beta-catenin-ICAT complex 
DNA recombinase complex  
DNA replication preinitiation complex +   
A protein-DNA complex assembled at eukaryotic DNA replication origins immediately prior to the initiation of DNA replication. The preinitiation complex is formed by the assembly of additional proteins onto an existing prereplicative complex. In budding yeast, the additional proteins might include Cdc45p, Sld2p, Sld3p, Dpb11p, DNA polymerases, and others; in fission yeast the GINS complex is present.
DUBm complex  
FANCM-MHF complex  
Fanconi anaemia nuclear complex  
histone acetyltransferase complex +   
histone deacetylase complex +   
histone methyltransferase complex +   
HU-DNA complex 
IHF-DNA complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN1 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN2 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN3 complex 
MAML2-RBP-Jkappa-ICN4 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN1 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN2 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN3 complex 
MAML3-RBP-Jkappa-ICN4 complex 
mediator complex  
mRNA cleavage factor complex +   
nuclear body +   
nuclear pre-replicative complex  
nuclear RNA export factor complex  
nucleoplasmic periphery of the nuclear pore complex  
nucleosome +   
nucleotide-excision repair, preincision complex 
pre-replicative complex +   
primosome complex +   
protein-DNA ISRE complex 
replisome +   
retroviral intasome 
RNA polymerase II, holoenzyme +   
SeqA-DNA complex 
survivin complex 
telomere cap complex +   
telomere-telomerase complex 
transcription elongation factor complex +   
transcription preinitiation complex  

Exact Synonyms: pre-IC
Definition Sources: GOC:bf, GOC:hjd, GOC:jl, GOC:pr, GOC:rb, GOC:vw, PMID:12694535, PMID:15194812, PMID:17230184

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